Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mis Amigas

This was the best thing my Tuesday could have brought me: a Google Hangout date with two of my best friends Katie & Kaitlyn! Google Effects is the second best thing because it made me laugh so much to see us all in beards, mustaches, kitty cat masks, and eye patches and trying to talk about serious stuff, like when we were going to get to see each other next. UD brought us together on the same floor of our freshman dorm, and going to Spain together two summers ago cemented our sisterhood for life. We talked for hours like only best friends can talk. We shared fears and excitement for the future, job hunting woes and encouraging advice, and many expressions of love and utter joy that we were finally getting to talk face-to-face after many weeks apart (even if from 3 different cities)! I don't know if I can explain how much these two girls mean to me in words; they empower me to do big things, believe in and love myself, have faith in what the future holds, and to find the sunshine on any gloomy day.   

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