Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thank You Cards

I am so extremely grateful for all of my wonderful friends and family and the support they've given me through my time in college and during my whole life, but boy, writing thank you notes is killing me. I would much rather give everyone a giant hug and say "Thanks for everything." Thank you cards are like small talk, only smaller, mandatory, and more awkward than regular small talk, if that's even possible. I sound stupid in them and have no idea how I'm supposed to say gracefully, "Thank you so much for making me somewhat less poor, only not really, because all of this money really should be going to my large student loans and it really doesn't make THAT much of a dent and I'm going to be so very poor for many more years to come so what does this $20 even matter? Also I don't know what I'm doing with my life yet so sorry that you don't know exactly what kind of future you're contributing to. Extra thanks to those who gave me gift cards, I will buy so much cute apartment stuff at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Target once I find a job and an apartment. Maybe I should just work at Target? Anyways, thanks a TON! Love, Emily."


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