Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ay. Dios. Mio.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On the bus to Toledo to our hotel for the night! 

Our flight went well. I was writing a very poetic post during it about how I felt like I was in outer space, but then a very friendly gentleman in front of us named Manny started talking to us over the seat for like a half an hour at least. He's a business man and does something with tiling roofs and also managing landfills? But he has a dog named "Lost," because he said he found it, which is pretty funny. Anyways. I slept a tiny bit, we watched Maleficent in Spanish (may have to see it in English now), and we got a pretty good dinner including free wine! I love Spain! We touched down at about 8:15am Spain time which was 2:15am EST and made our way to get our luggage, buy a SIM card for our phones, and then took an airport bus to another terminal to our meeting point. We found out that the girl sitting behind us on the flight was also in our program but not until after we landed! Then we had to wait until 1:30pm our time to take the bus with our group. We got coffee (cafe americano para mi), a donut AND FANTA DE LIMÓN. It's like regular Fanta but lemon flavored and it sparkles like sunshine. You can't get it in the US but it's so good and Katie and I both have missed it. 

All of the people we've met have been super nice so far and we spent the past few hours talking about where we're from, previous travel experiences, and where we would all like to travel while we're here. I feel right in the middle of the pack when it comes to experience traveling abroad and language ability, but I also feel a real connection to these 50 people because most of them chose this program for  similar reasons as I did (love of travel, love of Spain, not knowing what the next life step is, etc.). 

Feelings I'm having: ALL OF THEM. 
This feels like a continuation of a dream I've been having for the past 3 years. It already almost feels like I never left. My month here felt like an entire lifetime and so it feels as if I'm jumping right back into that life.  I've never experienced anything like this before. The street signs, billboards, and store signs are in Spanish and/or kilometers, the music on the bus is a mix of American top 40 and songs in Spanish which is fun, the terrain is just like I remember it, really dry and arid looking with some hills and mountains in the distance, and the sky is blue as can be. I'm so happy to be back and see what this adventure is going to be like! 

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