Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bon Voyage y Buen Viaje!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

I'm currently typing this on my phone in the plane from Columbus to New York which is so cool! When I went to Spain the first time (also the last time I flew) I didn't even have a smart phone so I'm interested to see how this trip with be different social media-wise. Anyways, I LOVE flying. This is only the 3rd time I've flown for a trip so it's still very exciting and new. When we were taking off I had the thought, "How amazing are the Wright Brothers and how cool is it that I was born and raised in the same city as they were?" I'm excited to tell my host families where I'm from and see what they know about good old Orville and Wilbur! 

Everything went really smoothly checking in and going through security, I was about a pound over weight on the checked bag but I shifted a couple things to the carry on and it was all good! Our parents all watched us go through security and waved us off (thanks for the ride Mom and Dad!). Katie and I got some Starbucks since I was up until 4am packing and needed a pick me up, and we caught up on life happenings since we saw each other last. It's very strange to go from living together to living an hour away from each other. All this travel time together is great for us!

It's finally starting to sink in that Spain is actually happening. There are no more things on the To-Do List after 10 months of talking about it and planning and preparing and packing. Now it's just a whole lot of Wonderful Unknowns.  It's hopefully a smooth process the rest of the time; we have over 4 hours at JFK before the next flight so there's time to get our bearings and have some food. We're both craving hot dogs so I think it would be a fitting last American meal for three months. The weather is beautiful and the view out the window has been a beautiful sight to see. 

I'm going to keep sipping on my cranberry apple juice and watching Katie doze and I'll post this when we arrive at JFK! ;) 
Emily W. 

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