Sunday, October 12, 2014

Food Roundup: Week 1

If you know me then you know I love to eat just about everything. Food is a very important part of the culture here in Spain and I intend to try everything put in front of me. I'm going to try to take pictures of what I'm eating, not for the sake of slapping an Instagram filter on it (that will only be sometimes), but so you all can see what kind of things we have here! My family eats very healthily because my host dad had a heart attack about 10 years ago.

Breakfast is pretty light here, with juice, a piece of fruit, cookies that are a little like vanilla wafers, sweet bread, or other pastries.

This is the kind of milk we have, it's shelf stable I think so it was room temperature this morning when I had it with Nesquik. 

On the left is yogurt with candy to dump in it, and on the right are the galletas or cookies. 

I haven't looked this up but I think it's like Nutella and it goes well with the cookies of course. 

This is some type of melt in your mouth pastry with sugar on the outside, I can't remember the name. 

I think that these are like Swiss Rolls but I haven't tried them yet! 

Here's a kind of juice I got at a cafe yesterday, it's like Mediterranean fruits: 

Lunch time is usually around 3 in the afternoon after kids get home from school.
Meatballs and French fries and bread:

Sardines and bread and croutons for the vegetable purée soup we had:

This is some kind of potato soup that was really good and chicken. 

This is the kind of melon we have a lot, it's sort of a mix of cantaloupe and honeydew but it's just called melón. 

We eat bread everyday, often twice a day, and I think it may be my favorite thing when it comes to food here (along with chorizo). I haven't been able to find a bread in American grocery stores that compares. It's the right amount of crunchy on the outside an soft on the inside and perfect to mop up whatever other delicious sauce is on your plate. 

Everyone keeps asking me if there is a typical food in Ohio but I can't really think of one. I keep saying that we have a mix of foods that people eat, from pasta to pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs, tacos, and Asian food. Oh well. 


  1. You should describe Skyline Chili to them since that's what Ohio is "known for" in the US lol #gross.
    Note that Ohio is ranked 52 AFTER getting hit by a car for Skyline Chili in this blog... lol

    Or better yet you can tell them about buckeyes!! :)

    1. I brought my family a small box of buckeyes and they liked them they said! But Skyline is a good suggestion haha i want to see if they have everything here to make chili so they can try my award winning chili haha

    2. Feel free to send some of that award winning chili back this way :D