Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cervezada de Química

October 10, 2014
My host sisters were trying to explain to me what Cervezada was all week but I had no idea until I got there on Thursday! Apparently it's a university sponsored party that happens every week, and it's great. Each department of the university takes turns sponsoring it and it costs 5€. Get this: they use a water park! It's closed during the school year so it's the perfect place for this. There's a DJ and allllll the university students can come and bring their cervezas (beer) or botellones (bottles) of alcohol and whatever mixing drink they want. I saw a lot of calimocho (wine and coke) and tinto de verano (wine and Fanta de limon). "Cervezada" is a type of "Botellon," which is simply the drinking in large groups with bottles of stuff. This one was sponsored by the chemistry department and next week it's the med school/department. There were security guards there but I didn't see any trouble. People were dancing in the pool area that had been emptied and going to the bathroom outside the gates in the field next door. Luckily I'm no stranger to this activity, as my parents took us on many camping trips with no bathrooms. I can't really think of anything to compare it to, maybe like Dayton to Daytona for one day a week from 4ish-11ish and without the free beer? Anyways I went with Ana and met several of her friends which was awesome. We went back to her friends Marichi and David's apartment and ate pizza, watched Spain lose in futbol, and talked about all kinds of things in Spanish and in English. We did an awesome exchange of "do you watch this show?" "do you listen to this artist?" "have you seen this movie?" Everyone was so nice and now I have more Spanish friends on Facebook woo! Here are some pictures so maybe you can understand what I'm talking about a bit more. 

I feel like my English is already suffering because I'm trying to think about how to say everything in Spanish, but I suppose that's a good thing. Anyways, more posts are on the way and I will post this one once I get back to somewhere with wifi.

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